Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I find this quite interesting-- DHL has partnered with designer Zac Posen, who has created a limited edition "Tote For Teachers" tote bag. DHL will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Teacher Counts, a non-profit organization who is dedicated to providing a permanent culture of teacher appreciation.

While I like what this partnership stands for, I'm just wondering if any teachers will be able to purchase this bag for themselves. Why create a bag with inspiration for its design being drawn from a teacher and slap a $400 price tag on it so they won't be able to purchase one for themselves? The bag offers the functionality that would appeal to a teacher-- it's made of natural Italian leather and lined in cotton twill, and its expandable interior allows room for all the papers and supplies that teachers tend to carry. This bag is a teaser! Sometimes when you charge less, you end up selling more!


jonathan.baker said...

You raise a good point, and it was something we thought about when we were planning this Tote for Teachers initiative.  The bag, admittedly, is pricy for many and specifically for most teachers, though its cost is actually much less than other top designer handbags. However, the true purpose of the bag is to raise awareness and money so TeachersCount can continue its work on behalf of Teachers and the teaching profession. Each dollar raised from the bags' proceeds, thanks to DHL underwriting 100% of the cost of the bags and Zac Posen donating the design, goes directly to the TeachersCount foundation which is focused on creating a culture of teacher appreciation.

With greater awareness of the value of teachers, perhaps we will see greater compensation for the profession in future. That is exactly why TeachersCount exists --to raise awareness of the value of teachers; and that is why we at DHL are so delighted to have created this initiative.

We congratulate all teachers for their dedication and thank them for helping guide our youth.

Designs To Infinity said...

I agree that this is a wonderful initiative, and I have no doubt that many will support this worthy cause. Our teachers should be valued more and and held in higher regard than they are-- they are role models for our children, and are preparing them to be future leaders. Wouldn't it be great though, if more people could be involved in spreading the word? This bag is the perfect advertisement for TeachersCount, and if more people could carry this bag around, the word would be spread much faster!