Monday, September 17, 2007


I won't even bother to talk about the Emmy Awards show-- after all, I'm not watching much prime-time TV these days. So let's talk fashion! There wasn't really anything unpredictable about what to expect on the red carpet-- there's always a few who really look stunning, and most are just ok. Let's get right to the stunning:

Everyone's buzzing about Katherine Heigl, who most agree won the "Best Dressed" title, wearing a Zac Posen gown and Mary Norton clutch.

This was my second favorite:
Minnie Driver looked amazing in this Donna Karan gown. Her figure really complements this dress. Wish I knew who the clutch was by-- great ensemble together!

And of course, Eva Longoria always brings it to the table!

Stylin' in a Kaufman Franco shorter length dress. Eva always looks very classy!

Of course, royalty was there:

Queen Latifah looks fabulous in this red gown-- don't know who made this gown, but this Covergirl aways shows up for the party!

Purple was the color of choice for Julia Louis-Dreyfus:

Julia looked regal in her Narcisco Rodriguez gown and Hochman Fuller clutch. What stood out more for me was the clutch that accessorized the gown. This photo doesn't do the clutch any justice, but I saw a close-up of it on television during the pre-awards show, and it was absolutely gorgeous!

If you're dressing up for a major event like the Emmy's, I believe that accessories are part of the total package-- especially a handbag or clutch. Some of the women were jeweled down, but the bag was missing!!! It almost looks like you forgot your bag when you don't have one!

Vanessa Williams looks beautiful (despite what others think) in this Kevan Hall gown, embellished with feathers. A small clutch would've finished off this look.

Even Heidi Klum wasn't wearing one-- although she was toting her man, Seal. Looks like Seal could've been carrying a man-bag in his hand, though.

Next time you need a bag, CALL ME!!!

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