Sunday, September 23, 2007


I did a previous post titled "Isn't This Bag Just Lovely?", which singled out one particular handbag (not the one above!) that made Forbes "World's Most Extravagant Handbags List" for 2007. Well, this Louis Vuitton Tribute Bag also made the list, with a hefty price tag of somewhere between $42,000 - $45,000. Although In Style Magazine has this bag priced at $52,500, all other reliable sources I checked has it priced at the lesser amount. Heck, $100 is too much for this train wreck, as far as I'm concerned.

With only five of these hideous looking bags available in the world, I wondered, "who would be willing to give up their dough for this one?" Who would've thought that Beyonce, of all people, would have her eyes on this handbag collage? It looks like it should be in a glass case in a museum somewhere!

Beyonce, you don't need to tell anyone you have this bag... we already knew you could afford to buy it!


robert said...

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Designs To Infinity said...

I apologize for just discovering this comment. If you're looking for new bags, you can go directly to and click on the menu option "e-shopping". You may still have time to receive an express delivery by Christmas Eve (although I don't know where you wish to have these bags shipped). Good luck!

Anonymous said...

wow just now seeing this post, but would you believe it does come in a GORGEOUS glass case!

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real louis vuitton bag said...

Ha-ha! I have a huge bag, so I feel like the joke is on me. Funny.