Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Happens When You Cross Mosaic Tiles with A Handbag Frame?

Well, we shall see!  I've had this idea in mind for a few years now... and I'm now ready to try it out!  Here are some of the design elements I'll be using:  Mosaic tiles, bugle beads, a sturdy purse frame, and a stylish door handle, purchased from the hardware store.  This should be fun!

Stay tuned for the finished design.... Will post a picture of it when it's completed!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Makes "Handcrafted" Purses By Designs To Infinity, So Special?

A handcrafted purse is special... I really mean that!!!  It is usually not mass-produced, and the intention is to create that one item of artistry that is unique in its own right.  It has its own identity, like the person wearing it.  It has its own story.

"The story" behind this particular clutch purse, was that a very big event was occurring-- a big party was being given by the studio that hosts my husband's daytime television show.  It was an opportunity to showcase one of my purses, and to give the ladies attending the party an opportunity to see what my company, Designs To Infinity, could offer to its target market.  Having a predetermined awareness of this groups' psychographics-- where they lived, where and what they tended to shop for, what they like to do socially... and what types of events they might attend, gave me a better idea of what type of purse would be an eye-catcher.

The vision of the purse I ultimately created, began after I determined those variables-- and the purse was designed to complement my own "individuality".  After all, not only did my purse have a story, I was present to tell it!!!

For the clutch purse, I decided that I would add crystals... lots of them!

To a nice, sturdy purse frame... a great beginning!

I used gorgeous, novelty fabric for the purse... and accentuated the petals with metallic liquid glitter!

The lining had to be special, so a beautiful contrasting Ultrasuede was used for the interior of the clutch purse.  The purse closure was covered with Ultrasuede as well, and embellished with crystals, for a very elegant finish!

VOILA!!!  The completed clutch purse, with accessories!!!

I really enjoyed creating this purse!!!