Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beautiful Handbags For Fall

There are so many great handbag designs to choose from this Fall 2010 season. The combinations of fiber, hardware, and color schemes make these bags look sexy! Didn't know a bag could be that, huh?! The bag pictured above is a Judith Leiber Cheetah-Print Pony Valeria Clutch... so feminine-- love it!

Here are a few more of my favorites:

Christian Louboutin Kathena Leopard-Print Clutch - a perfect accessory!

Salvatore Ferragamo Leopard-Print Gancini Tote- from jeans to evening wear, this bag would be a great show-piece!

The Valentino Rosier Tote - Beautiful and trendy!

There are many more out there to choose from... If only I could have them all!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Take That Phone Call! You Never Know Who Your Potential Customer Could Be

Today, while working on something that required my immediate attention, my business phone rang. I decided that the caller would have to wait until I finished up the task that I was working on. The phone rang again. I became slightly annoyed-- not because someone was trying to contact me, but because the phone rang again just as soon as it stopped. I stopped what I was doing and checked my business voicemail.

A gentleman left a frantic message, stating that he had accidentally sent some very personal information via fax to my business number. He was concerned about his personal information inadvertently ending up in someone’s hands he didn’t know. He indicated that he wanted to know whether or not I had received the fax, feeling that he would have peace of mind knowing the outcome of his error. I conveyed to him that I had, in fact, received the 13-page fax. I assured him that I would immediately destroy it; I had no interest in being privy to something that made someone else feel violated.

Unbeknownst to me, technology had already afforded him the opportunity to do an internet search on my phone number, and as a result, he had already checked me out, located my business, and actually visited my website! As we engaged further in conversation, he shared that “tidbit” of information with me. He told me that he needed to know who he was dealing with. I actually found it amusing!

As we ended our conversation, he told me how appreciative he was that I responded promptly to his “crisis”. He also had something he wanted to share with me: His wife was a collector of handbags, hats, and shoes!

He told me that his wife had browsed my website, loved the handbags, and was ready to make some purchases! He warned me that I should be expecting an order very soon!

The lesson here is that you never know who your customer may end up being! I've learned that even the most unlikely set of circumstances can end up presenting the opportunity for a sale! Prompt follow-up and sensitivity to his dilemma led to me gaining this caller’s wife as a new customer… no good deed goes unnoticed!!!

One other detail that I mentioned to the gentleman is that I am in the process of updating my online store with new items for the fall season… they will be added very soon, so be sure to keep checking in! I’ll help you get to my site… just click here!