Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thought I'd share my latest creations with you-- cell phone purses!

These purses are all handmade, and totally functional! In addition to keeping your cell phone securely in tow, these purses have a small pocket in front where you can put some cash or a credit card inside. The front flap has a magnetic snap that holds everything together! The handle even has a detachable swivel hook with a key ring that can be re-attached to your purse or a belt loop or buckle on your clothing. Easy access to your phone is important!

Ladies, I had you all in mind when I chose the prints for these adorable little creations, if I should say so myself! Who wants to display a boring purse with no pizazz?

The purses come in many styles and colors, and yes, more colors and styles are on the way! Some of the styles are adorned with crystals-- nothing like a little bit of *bling*! There is also a contrasting print on the inside-- I thought I'd might as well allow the inside to look as good as the outside!

These purses made their debut at the Pasadena Bead and Design Show in Pasadena, CA earlier this month, where I exhibited my handbag collection.

They were a hit-- and not just with women. The young girls who accompanied their moms to the show were purchasing them as well!

You can check out my collection of cell phone purses by visiting my online boutique, Designs To Infinity.