Sunday, November 4, 2007


It's amazing how far a little publicity goes, when you make mention of something on the Oprah Show.

Cindy Crawford appeared on the show this past week, sharing with the audience what goes on in her everyday life. The striking supermodel, who appeared with her very handsome husband, surprised everyone when she admitted that she loves baking and scrapbooking. I don't know why that was surprising-- why should she be embarassed by doing something she enjoys? It seems like our society still has a problem with anything that is perceived as being domestic. Maybe she's just supposed to look sexy. Betcha' the scrapbooking actually turns her husband on!!!

She eventually led everyone to her closet, and showed all of her "favorite things". That's where the
Zagliani bag came in. She talked of an amazing Italian designer by the name of Zagliani who creates beautiful handbags, and added that although he wasn't as popular in the United States as he was overseas, she likes to get her hands on things before other people find out about them. I wrote about Zagliani's bags in a previous post-- these were the bags I talked about that were being given botox injections to keep them firm and supple.

Cindy is clearly perceived as one who has great style-- otherwise, this bag would not have taken off the way it has! And as far as being on the Oprah show? Anyone who is a guest on Oprah's show has the perfect opportunity to get things out everywhere in the world-- and fast!!!


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