Monday, November 12, 2007


There will no longer be any need for Paris Hilton to wander around using live animals as fashion accessories if there are actual fashion accessories out there shaped like live animals. As for those of us who don't tend to walk around clutching Chihuahuas on a daily basis... well, I'm not so sure. Do we really want to go out in public with a Boston Terrier tucked under our arms? Or a pug? I'm not convinced, but if you are, you can pick up a new furry friend for £39 from Viva la Diva.

(courtesy of The Fashion Police)


Anonymous said...

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jilly boyd said...

hi there, i was looking for one of the pug dog handbags for my mum as she spotted someone with it the other day and really likes it, i know this was posted in 2007 but i was wondering if you know anywhere i coudl get one? my email is
yours thankfully

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