Saturday, October 27, 2007

Watch Out Ladies, It's The Invasion Of The Purse Snatchers!

Elderly Ladies Are Getting Their Bags Taken Right Before Their Eyes!

Supermarkets have been put on red alert after shoppers were fleeced by a thief. The move came after a female distracted women pensioners who later realised their purses had been swiped.

The dark-haired woman, described as in her 30s, approached the shoppers in the U.K. The woman, who had a foreign accent and wore a white jacket, asked the victims questions to distract them. A police spokeswoman said: "This is a particularly nasty crime committed against vulnerable elderly females."We would ask everyone, particularly shoppers to be vigilant and ensure they keep their handbags and purses secure at all times."

That's a darn shame, especially that a woman would be in on this foolishness!

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