Saturday, October 13, 2007


I currently carry my laptop in a very sturdy leather attache-style bag, but I'm now feeling like I want to find a bag that's cute, functional, and affordable!

Here are a couple that I've been checking out:

The Juicy Couture "Classic" Velour Laptop Sleeve is in the cute category, and it's in my favorite color, brown (expresso, to be exact!).

On the other hand, this Sumo Laptop Bag is also cute, and appears to be more functional. I think the Juicy bag is more cute, though.

Both are under $100.

Does it matter if I choose cute over functional? I'm sure they're both sturdy bags-- after all they are both designed to hold laptops.

Decisions, decisions!

I'll have to think more about this one-- I'll keep you posted!

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