Saturday, October 6, 2007


As mentioned in my previous post, I am very excited about the fact that this movie is currently in production. What I loved most about this series was the role that fashion played. The clothing and accessories worn by the ladies reminds me of something that would come straight from a top designer's sketchbook-- very fashion-forward, racy, and on some occasions, very extravagant. I found myself tuning in at times just so that I could "ooh" and "ahh" at everything!

Looks like photographers from In Style Magazine have been at the production site, snapping away as the ladies appear on the scene, sporting all of their "eye candy". As the photos are made public, I can't help but want to share with everyone all of the gorgeous clothing and accessories being showcased, fresh from top design houses.

Check out the Salvatore Ferragamo Pheasant Feather Bag in the picture above that Sarah Jessica Parker is holding, as she poses in character as "Carrie Bradshaw". One word for this bag: Scrumptious!

Now I'm curious as to whether the movie will be able to raise the fashion bar even higher than the series did. What I do know for sure is that the ladies are being fashioned from head to toe!

Here's a larger version of the pheasant feather bag:
I love this beautiful, exotic bag! You can read more about this bag here.

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