Thursday, October 4, 2007


Finally, finally, finally! The ladies from Sex and The City will soon be appearing on the big screen! I must say, they are all looking fabulous for this movie!

Let me tell you, watching this show became a regular date for my husband and I (although I'm sure we were watching the show for different reasons!). No matter what, we always made sure we were home on Sunday evenings in time to plop on the sofa, with popcorn and drinks in tow, and tune in to HBO to find out what the ladies were up to. The show was entertaining for so many reasons: there was so much humor, and the ladies were colorful and dimensional. Their lives seemed fast-paced, exciting and complex at the same time. Their "sexcapades" made the Desperate Housewives look like nuns!

What I loved most about the show were the trendy fashions that the ladies wore. "Carrie Bradshaw" became the epitome of fashion-- her clothing was very fashion-forward, and the color and pattern choices that you might not otherwise consider wearing somehow worked for her. The confidence that Carrie exerted as she strolled down the streets of New York City made it the "in-thing" to look unique. I had never heard of Manolo Blahnik before the show came into existence. And now, I don't know of anyone who hasn't heard of the famous shoe designer.

Here is a peek of some of Carrie's fashion looks:

This outfit is so Carrie Bradshaw! That huge flower would look hideous on anyone else, but she is workin' it!

I love this look! The long socks are cute and very flattering for this outfit. If you're not so crazy about your legs, buy yourself a pair of those socks!

Of course, we can't forget about the handbags!

Word is that the foldover clutch , like this one, is one of many gorgeous bags being used in this movie. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, it is one of my personal favorites!

Check out more pics taken on the movie set by clicking here.

This movie is long overdue-- I'm really looking forward to hanging out with the ladies again!

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