Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gorgeous Leather Clothes and Accessories at Bottega Veneta's Spring 2009 Show in Milan

If you're into leather, this collection by designer Tomas Maier will not disappoint you! The leather outfit shown above is just a small teaser of what this show had to offer!

The leather handbags in Bottega Veneta's Spring '09 collection at the Milan Show definitely stood out! Many of the reviews that were written about Milan Fashion Week stated that this show was one of the best shows there.

The beautiful, stylish handbags are impecccably crafted in muted brown tones, ranging from caramel and copper, to sage and chestnut. The handbags reflect the everyday lifestyle of women who want to purchase items that can be worn for years, and aren't necessary looking to dress seasonally, which was stated by the designer extraordinnaire, Tomas Maier, in a backstage interview at the show.

Check out some of the handbags from the runway show:

Isn't it amazing what's being done with leather these days? Very feminine bag!

I really like the multi-colored tones of this bag!

What do you get when you combine a basic style made up in some good leather, with leather embellishing? A gorgeous bag!!!

The exotic leather used for this clutch adds elegance without all the frills!

We can't leave out the shoes... cute, cute cute! Love the exotic leather on both pairs!

And to get an even better idea of how great this show was, check out this video:

Enjoy the show!


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