Thursday, January 22, 2009


Both Barack and Michelle Obama conveyed through their choice of inauguration outfits that tradition and conservatism weren't how they wanted to show up for the party. Our president looked quite dapper (and handsome!) in his stylish suit, with a single vent long jacket, while our first lady wore a yellow Isabel Toledo suit and accessorized with green gloves from J Crew and shoes by Jimmy Choo. Talk about mixing and matching designers! The color choices were very complimentary to her, I felt.

Personally, I really wasn't that crazy about the first lady's outfit, partly because I couldn't figure out what was going on with it. I found myself distracted by the yellow that peeped out from under her jacket. Was it a scarf? Or maybe a tie hanging from her jacket? The picture below clarifies what it was:

A cardigan! I actually like the dress better without the coat!

A word of advice for the first lady: If you're looking for a non-traditional coat/dress ensemble, call Tracy Reese!

I did like that she chose a gown by an unknown designer to wear to the inauguration balls. What great exposure for this young designer, Jason Wu! But again, I couldn't really understand why she chose this style of a gown, that reminded me of something a young girl would wear to a high-school prom!

I couldn't appreciate the beauty of it until I came across a close-up picture of the detailing:

Now, I get it!!!

Let's not forget about the chandelier earrings:

Very stunning!

And matching ring:


The close-ups (thanks, Huffington Post!) definitely helped me to gain a better appreciation for Michelle Obama's choices. She is clearly defining her own personal style, and her style does not have rules or limitations.

I think that a hidden message can be found when observing the fashion choices of Michelle Obama. That message is that we should make our our own decisions about what we feel is best for ourselves, and not worry about the judgement that may come from others. An interesting thing is happening right now: Fashion seems to be following Michelle Obama. It just goes to show you that sometimes even top designers can't influence the direction of fashion!


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