Saturday, April 12, 2008


It looks like Angela and Vanessa have moved on to their next venture-- handbags, of course! What good is a shoe without a matching bag?!

The Pastry handbags, one of the latest additions to the Pastry line this year, include an assortment of bags intended to compliment the designs of other Pastry items, especially its shoe collection.

Candy Kisses, Cinch Sack, Vanilla Bookbag and bags from the Pastry Candy Kisses and Pastry Shelltoe are just some of the colorful handbags that have been recently showcased in their online store.

You can read more about the girls' latest venture by clicking here.

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runs house season 5 said...

Angela and Vanessa Simmons is good in fashion business. They had this Pastry Collection idea way before they were introduced on MTV Run's House. The show was a way to get exposure for the new product. They have good business sense. Getting the people to recognize them and accept them before they hit with their products. Great marketing skills.

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