Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ladies, I guarantee you that this is one invention that you'll feel is speaking to you!

Forgetting essential items at home, like your wallet or cell phone, may soon be a thing of the past thanks to six women attending the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University in Canada. These students have developed a purse called the LadyBag that tracks items inside tagged with RFID sensors.

The RFID sensors are small enough to be affixed to anything you don't want to leave behind, which the ladies assume would include your wallet, keys, and cell phone. If one of the pre-determined items is ever missing from the bag, a small icon that represents the missing object lights up on the outside of the purse to alert you before you walk out the door.

Another function of the LadyBag is its ability to display the user's emotional state based on the physical interaction the user has with the bag. The bag has sensors throughout, so if the user wants to show the world she's happy, she can hug the sides of the bag to produce a smiling emoticon, or fiddle with the zipper to show a nervous emoticon.

The fun LadyBag was created by young women for young women in mind, so it's perfect for those who wish to express themselves or just need a little help keeping track of their gear. I doubt it will be in stores anytime soon since this bag is still in prototype form, but the ladies are working on making this available to all some day.


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