Thursday, January 17, 2008


I absolutely love what this company, Hip Purse, has come up with. Four sisters (I'm referring to blood relatives here!) who are in business together came up with the idea of creating really cute and hip handbags that strap over your shoulder or around your waist, and don't weigh you down like the new arrivals soon to be on the scene this spring and summer.

These purses are truly convenient because of the many roles that women take on in their day-to-day. We are often multi-tasking, and in addition to weighing ourselves down with our essentials, we are also toting our groceries, paperwork, and even our children in some cases. We need to be able to free our hands up a little bit!

The message that the "hands-off" bags sends to young girls is truly positive. This purse comes with a
Certificate of Strength and a Power Badge. These motivational messages make this purse both inspiring and fun to wear.

I think these women have come up with a great concept for their company, and they offer a variety of purses with themes assigned to them. Here are a few that I really like:

The "Getaway" Purse - Looks to be just that!

The "Day-Tripper" Purse - Allows easy access but secure enough to prevent would-be kleptos!

The "Escape" Purse - A very elegant version of the "Fannie Pack"

I also like the fact that these purses are reasonably priced!

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