Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Change Handbags": Cute, Quality Handbags, and The Company Supports Women's Causes Too

Here's a company that offers gorgeous handbags for women, while giving back to women as well. Change Handbags, creates unique but practical products that provide a way to celebrate style, while at the same time, generates funds to benefit important women's causes. They operate on the premise that their primary customers are women, so the proceeds of the products should give something back to women.

The handbags are available in solid or metallic leathers, and are fully reversible. An optional clutch insert is also available.

Ten percent of the company's profits go to organizations working to better the lives of women in need. Their list includes: REACH (beyond domestic violence), Horizons for Homeless Children, and Dress for Success. Their plans are to eventually expand this list as the company grows.

You can check out the entire collection of handbags that this company offers by clicking